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For Big Screen Monitors (Plasma's, LCD's etc...) please check out the Home Entertainment Section

Where can I buy Monitors?

You can buy monitors in Australia right here at Techbuy Australia. We have a wide selection of monitors for school PC, monitors for office computers, or monitors for your home desktop to make every viewing experience a pure visual delight. We sell and you can buy monitors from top brands for monitors like ViewSonic, HP, Targus and ASUS. You can buy monitors from all sizes, ranging from the standard small 15” and 16” to wide screen 30” monitors to suit your needs. You can buy LCD or LED monitors, touch screen monitors, plasma monitors and even whiteboards. We also sell other monitor accessories and digital photo frame.

Viewing is a pleasure, and get the best visual experience from our wide range of monitors that you can buy right here at Techbuy Australia.

How much is a Monitor?

There are good monitors you can buy below $250. There are also monitors you can buy on the different price brackets. Bigger and better is always better, though this means the price gets higher too. Whatever your budget may be, you can be assured that we have the perfect monitor that will make every viewing pleasure a delight while keeping your wallet happy right here at Techbuy Australia.

When do I need to replace my Monitor?

Monitors are designed to last for years, and you can expect your monitor to last for a good 3-4 years. Some are even designed to last 10 years. But certain factors can shorten the lifespan of your monitors, ranging from accidents, power supply problems or pixels dying out. But these days, when viewing experience is a premium, you might probably want to replace your monitor to give you bigger screen and higher resolution.

Sometimes a good swipe at the screen can work wonders too!

Who makes a good Monitor?

There are many good monitor manufacturers to cater to all your viewing needs. You can buy monitors from Apple, Dell, ASUS, HP, NEC, and Viewsonic, and they are just some of the big names for high end monitors. You can also find good flagship monitors from most of the monitor manufacturers, it is always good to check reviews of monitors to get an update on what is the best buy for your budget.

Who sells Monitors?

Techbuy Australia sells monitors from all the major brands such as, ViewSonic, HP, Del, Asus, and we even sell and offer monitors from new upcoming manufacturers. When looking for the best monitors for your viewing experience, check out the reviews from trusted sites to see if it is what you are looking for a monitor. And after you do, you can be assured we have the best selection of monitors to bring pictures and graphics to life only right here at Techbuy Australia.

What type of Monitor do I need ?

The monitor you need depends on where and how you use it. Bigger is always better when it comes to viewing. Small and standard size monitors are good where space is a premium, like monitors for school and office. Gamers can enjoy a visual feast when you buy wide screen monitors for gaming which give you the best resolution to bring your games into life. Enjoying your favourite movie has never better when you buy monitors for movie viewing, offering screen size and resolution for the best viewing pleasure when it comes to watching movies.

Snapshots of precious memories are always a joy to look at, and you can have all your photo albums in one small but functional display with digital photo frames display.

When the job demands for multiple viewing, you can also buy monitors for multi-monitoring to give you a view of what you want to see at all times.

What do I need to upgrade a Monitor?

Like most computer equipment, Monitors are self-contained units, so an upgrade is more of a replacement. Before upgrading/replacing your monitor, give it a good thought if it serves your needs. Most monitors these days come with extra features like extra input ports and even slots for on the fly storage access for USB and memory cards. With these types of monitors, there might be possible upgrades like extra longer cables and adaptors, but these would depend on the make and features of the monitor.

The extra features may be handy, but useless if you don’t need them, and saves you money too.

Where is the best place to purchase a Monitor?

The best place to buy monitors in Australia is right here at Techbuy Australia. We have the best selection of monitor for all your viewing needs in all sizes and resolutions. We have LCD monitors, LED monitors, combo monitors, whiteboards, plasma screens for your home and office needs, monitors for your gaming needs, monitors for graphic and film editing and the best monitors for any of your viewing pleasure. You can buy monitors with ease with our flexible and convenient payment options and we also offer delivery options of your choice.

Bring the colors and shapes to life with the best monitors you can get for your viewing pleasure, and we have all the monitors you would want and need right here at Techbuy Australia.

Top rated products for Monitors

Dell U2415 LCD Monitor24.1
Part No. 374440
AOC M2870VQ LCD Monitor - Black28
Part No. 372818
AOC M2870VQ 28
Part No. 409761
AOC Q3277PQU 32
Part No. 394747
LG UM88C 34
Part No. 409294
BenQ GW2270HM LED Monitor - Black21.5
Part No. 402648
Dell P2416D QHD LCD Monitor - Black24
Part No. 397905
LG 38UC99 38
Part No. 413329
AOC G2460VQ6 24
Part No. 401514
View_Sonic VA2246M-LED LCD Monitor - Black21.5
Part No. 229830
LG 29UM68-P 29
Part No. 409309
AOC AG271QX 27
Part No. 409753
LG 34UM68-P 34in IPS-LED HDMI/DisplayPort (Ultrawide 21;9) 2560x1080 Speakers Height Adjust Stand VESA (FreeSync, Gaming)
Part No. 407885
BenQ GW2470H LCD Monitor - Black24
Part No. 402650
BenQ Zowie XL2735 27
Part No. 413376
Dell U2417H LCD Monitor23.8
Part No. 405938
Part No. 389762
AOC G2770PF 27
Part No. 401513
NEC PA242W-BK LCD Monitor - Black24.1
Part No. 315006
BenQ GW2270H LCD Monitor - Black21.5
Part No. 402649

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