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Simplify with HP Servers

Managing your business is important. Streamline your operations with a single HP Proliant server. Whether you need, powerful workgroup storage and email, backup and centralised archival storage for disaster recovery, web servers and applications or high performance networking solutions HP are there for you.

HP Servers are Agile

Future proof your work environment with an agile HP Windows server. With many upgrade options available you can ensure that your investment will be functioning many years into the. An extensive range available from HP means your new server will suit your requirements like a glove, today, and into the future with upgrades as required.

If you are a new, growing businesses or require demanding enterprise class features and performance for your setup , you can select from a many popular configurations. HP have you covered with their ML and DL server line ups.

HP entry level servers benefit from modular design, this means you pay less up front if you are unsure what your requirements may be - but have the option to expand in the future when your needs grow and change. HP offers the scalability you need, at a value and reliability that is hard to beat.

HP is Reliable

Most of the HP lineup ships with onsite warranty - if the model you select does not have onsite warranty by default it can be added as a warranty option. You could also opt for other onsite variations such as next day or four hour same day.

HP continually work on system dependability, testing and ensuring that customers are not left out in the cold. Proliant quality begins at design but is not finished when you take delivery - it is ongoing via warranty and service agreements. Should you ever need warranty help on your HP server, they will be there.

Reduce server and company downtime with RAID configurations and backup solutions. Benefit from reduced IT costs with streamlined remote management, reducing the need for multiple management services. Centralise storage for your users, allowing for implementation of easier backup and recovery systems.

Where to start with HP?

Don't worry, the listing above may be daunting but picking your HP server can be surprisingly easy. If you run a small to medium business then selecting a low to medium specced ML range machine is the place to start. If you already have rack cabinets and infrastructure then selecting from the DL lineup would make sense.

Not sure and need assistance? Contact our server configuration team with your requirements today. If you already have a server and are looking to upgrade please include your existing specifications and current application. If you do not have a server and are looking to centralise your workplace with HP then we can help!

Where can I buy HP Servers?

The best place to buy HP servers is right here at Techbuy Australia. We offer you a wide range of HP servers, from BL HP Servers, ML HP Servers and DL HP Servers. Whether you are looking for a basic server setup for your business or upgrading to a more efficient and flexible server system for your growing needs, you can buy the best HP Server that you need right here at Techbuy Australia.

We also offer all other parts, accessories and kits for your HP server such as cables, optical drive Kits, RAM, Memory Kit, Cable Kit, Fan Kit, Riser Kit, DVD Kit and many others to get your HP Server up and running. Browse through our collection, or contact us for more specific details concerning any and all your HP Server needs.

How much is a HP Servers?

HP Servers are available in different setups and price ranges, so knowing and getting the right HP server is essential for your business. For basic start up entry class HP servers, there are a few models of HP servers priced below $1000 to suit your budget and provide you the basic server needs as only HP can. Other more advanced servers are available to meet the growing needs of your company and your business, with midrange HP Servers priced at $5000 and above, and to the top of the line HP servers to meet the demands of your business that can cost you over $20,000. The key important question to be answered is in choosing the perfect HP server for your business, and Techbuy Australia is all ears in welcoming any questions from you to help you get the perfect HP Server that you need.

When do I need to replace my HP Servers?

You will need to replace your HP Server system as your business grows to keep up with the increase and demand for more flexibility and user access. As your business grows, so will the demand for more efficient server solutions. HP is one of the industry leaders in providing server solutions for developing and growing business. So even If you started with a basic entry HP server for your business, you can be assured that HP has all the parts and accessories and updated servers to support your old server, as well as add the much needed replacements and upgrades without breaking your budget. Contact Techbuy Australia for all your HP Server questions and we would gladly help you get the perfect HP server for your business.

Who sells HP Servers?

Techbuy Australia sells all kinds of HP Servers. Whether its basic, midrange or full power servers, you can have your choice from HP BL Servers, HP ML Servers, and HP DL servers. Not sure which server is best for your business? Contact us and we are willing to discuss and help you get the perfect HP Server system for your business.

What type of HP Servers do I need ?

The type of HP servers you need depends on how big your business is and the demands that you would need as your business grows. The good news is HP has the perfect server system for small, medium and large enterprise HP server needs. You can buy the right HP server for your business, and rest assured that as your business grows and your server needs expands, HP has the server solution to keep up with your growth.

HP Servers come in 3 general form factors: Blade, Rack or Tower form.

Tower Servers occupy a bigger space and offer less scalability in design compared to Blade or Rack form, but they house all the server components in one casing unit. These are best for small or branch offices.

Rack Servers use floor space efficiently, and you can add new servers as needed. They will also allow you to work with servers from other manufacturers like your old server.

Blade Servers offers compact form in terms of space, and the different parts and components such as ventilation, cooling system, and other interconnects controlled by one integrated management system. This equates to less power per server, less heat output and lower cooling cost. Blade servers offer maximum computing power with respect to office space, power requirements and cooling designs.

For more information, check out the HP Server Buying Guide, and do not hesitate to contact Techbuy Australia for any questions regarding HP server solutions for your business.

What do I need to upgrade HP Servers?

What you need to upgrade your HP server would depend on the existing setup of your server and from the growing demands of your business. Techbuy Australia has HP Servers for all business sizes. As your business grows, so is the demand for more server access, and you can be assured that Techbuy Australia and HP has the servers, parts and accessories, server solutions to meet your business needs. Contact us for a more detailed discussion so you can get the best HP Server for your business solutions.

Where is the best place to purchase HP Servers?

The best place to buy HP Servers in Australia is right here at Techbuy Australia. We offer you a wide range of HP Servers perfect for your business demands. You can buy and have your choice of HP Tower Servers, HP Rack Servers, or HP Blade servers to meet your business needs. You can start with entry and start up servers when you are just starting, and upgrade your HP server as your business grows, and you can be assured HP has the server solutions as your business grows. You can also buy from Techbuy Australia parts, accessory kits for your growing HP Server setup. Not sure which server is perfect for your business? Contact us and we will help and guide you get the best and perfect HP Server solution for your business. We offer secure and flexible payment for HP Servers, as well as the delivery of your choice to get your business running like clockwork.

Get the perfect HP Server for your business right here at Techbuy Australia.

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