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Where can I buy Hard Disk Controllers?

You can buy hard disk controllers right here at Techbuy Australia. We have all the hard disk controllers you need to expand your hard disk storage capacity. You can buy different kinds of hard disk controllers such as eSATA Controllers, IDE Controllers, SAS Controllers, SATA Controllers, SATA RAID Controllers, and SCSI Controllers. We have all the hard disk controllers from the best brands such as Addonics, Adaptec, Highpoint, ASUS, Intel, LSI Logic, and 3WARE .

You can buy SATA Port Multipliers, and you can also buy Techbuy Hardware Port Multiplier Bundle packages exclusively offered by Techbuy Australia.

You can also buy Hard Disk Controller Accessories from Techbuy Australia such as Discrete Cable, Flash Module, HDD Duplicator SubSystem, Cipherchain Kit, Compact Flash HDD Adapter, Battery Kits, Raid Controller Modules, SATA Connectors, and Extension Racks to complete your HDD Controller setup.

You can also buy Network Attached Storage (NAS) products from Synology, one of the best and dedicated NAS product and service provider. Techbuy Australia carries a wide range of Synology NAS appliances and products for all your NAS server needs.

How much is a Hard Disk Controller?

You can buy basic Hard Disk Controllers from most major brands between $30  $100, and the price range depends on what kind of hard disk you would like to add and the number of hard disk you would like to have access to. There are many hard disk controllers available for different types of hard disk in various configurations above the $100 price range, so you can have your choice to suit your needs and your budget, and Techbuy Australia carries a wide range of these products from different brands for you to choose from.

Techbuy Hardware Port Multiplier Bundles are also exclusively offered by Techbuy Australia so you can get the hard disk controller essentials your needs in one easy bundle. Price range from $120 to $500+, so you can take your pick of the right bundle for your hard disk controller needs.

When do I need to replace my Hard Disk Controller?

You would need to replace your Hard Disk Controller when the number of hard disk you want to add increases, or you have to add a Hard Disk Controller that would support a type of hard disk your current system is not capable off. Motherboards usually come with a limit on how many hard disk controllers it has, and there are a number of hard disk types available for PCs. Hard Disk Controllers allow you to increase the size of hard disk you have access to, as well as access to other types of hard disk drives.

Who makes a good Hard Disk Controller?

There are a good number of Hard Disk Controller makers available, such as brands like Intel, Addonics, LSI Logic, Norco, HP and Highpoint. They have hard disk controllers of various configurations, ensuring that you will always have a choice for your needs and your budget, and we have them all here, made available for you, at Techbuy Australia.

Who sells Hard Disk Controllers?

Techbuy Australia sells a wide range of Hard Disk Controllers for all types of hard disks. We sell eSATA Controllers, IDE Controllers, SAS Controllers, SATA Controllers, SATA RAID Controllers, and SCSI Controller from top brands like Intel, HP, LSI Logic, Highpoint, Adaptec and Addonics. We also exclusively sell Techbuy Hardware Port Multiplier Bundles so you can have your hard disk controller essentials in one complete package.

Get your need to control multiple hard disks in of all types and formats with the best selection of hard disk controllers made available for you by Techbuy Australia.

What type of Hard Disk Controller do I need?

The type of Hard Disk Controller that you would need would depend on the type or types of hard disk that you would like to have access to, and the number of hard disk you plan to add to your PC. There are many Hard Disk types available, each one offering features that may not be available in other hard disk such as access speed, data reliability and integrity, and other features. Techbuy Australia has a wide range of hard disk controllers for most hard disk types, so we can assure you that we have the hard disk controller you need to get your hard disks connected without breaking your budget.

What do I need to upgrade a Hard Disk Controller?

Hard Disk Controller are self-contained units, so an upgrade for your old hard disk controller will come in the form of a newer and better hard disk controller that offers features that your existing hard disk controller may not have or support. Upgrade will give you the ability to handle more hard disk drives, faster file access using the latest protocols, and some more added features. Thinking of upgrading that old hard disk controller? You are in the right place because Techbuy Australia has all the hard disk controllers you need for different hard disk types from most major brands so you can get your PC set up and give you master control over your hard disks.

Where is the best place to purchase a Hard Disk Controller?

The best place to buy Hard Disk Controllers is right here at Techbuy Australia. We have a wide range of controllers for all hard disk types. You can buy eSATA Controllers, IDE Controllers, SAS Controllers, SATA Controllers, SATA RAID Controllers, and SCSI Controller from top brands such as Intel, Addonics, Adaptec, LSI Logic and many others. You can also buy all the Hard Disk Controller parts and accessories that you would ever need like HDD duplicators, Flash modules, Cables, Adapters, Battery Kits, Connectors and Modules to get all your hard disks in control. Ordering for your next hard disk controller is fast and easy, and we offer secure and flexible payment and shipping options for the delivery of your new hard disk controllers.

Get all your hard disk under one master control with the best, the widest and the latest line of hard disk controller for your home or office needs, all made available for you by TechBuy Australia.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are utilised by users who wish to easily transport, backup or store their data external to their main computer or notebook. External HDDs are available in both 2.5" and 3.5" varieties, the main differences being size and power requirements.

2.5 external hard drives use notebook / laptop hard disks for storage. These drives are smaller and are generally referred to as USB powered external hard drives. They use power supplied by the USB interface to spin the drive, removing the requirement for an external power adapter. USB powered drives range in size from 320GB to Terabyte with 500Gb being the breakpoint for cheap cost per gigabyte at time of writing (May 2012). Going forward some 2.5 external disks may use SSD (solid state drives) for storage in place of more traditional mechanical hard drives. In conjunction with USB 3.0, external hard drives can only increase in speed from here. If Thunderbolt goes mainstream this will further increase speed!

3.5 external hard drives utilise desktop drives for storage and need an external power source. These enclosures are physically larger and some units offer installation of more than one drive. Because of these power requirements, external 3.5 inch hard drives will either have a built in powerpack or a separate, external powerpack. The enclosure of the latter is generally larger since it has to house additional electronics. User opinion varies on which is best.

Both sizes of external hard drive are available in USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and eSATA interfaces. Other, less popular interface types are Firewire and Thunderbolt. LaCie hard drives are popular with Apple Mac users because of their contemporary styling and aluminium casings. In addition most of the LaCie lineup is available in Firewire as well as the regular USB and eSATA.

Seagate external hard drives use a proprietary interface called GoFlex -this allows each drive to fulfil any connection requirement. Users can also change a drives connection method by easily (and cheaply) purchasing a new GoFlex cable.

What is the best external hard drive for me?

The best external hard drive depends entirely on your requirements. If portability is important then you will most likely look at a 2.5 hard drive; if capacity is important then look for a desktop drive that is large enough; if speed is your main concern look for a USB 3.0 device with possibly an SSD internal or a dual drive RAID setup. A network attached hard drive of some sort may end up being your final solution, especially if you have multiple users in a small office or home and no server setup.

Ultimately you are the only user that can decide this, if you would like some guidance feel free to contact us for assistance.

What type of hard drive is used in External HDDs?

This is a common question but is irrelevant in 2012 due to the limited number of hard drive manufacturers.

If you purchase an external drive branded by one of the major hard drive manufacturers (Seagate and Western Digital) the drives provided will always represent the brand. For other, non-hard drive manufacturers such as LaCie, iOmega, Buffalo or Verbatim (to list a few) the drive included is usually Western Digital or Seagate. This is understandable as many of these brands do not product their own drives. There is no easy way to ascertain what type of internal drive is used in non-manufacturer external HDDs and different model lines can vary batch to batch. Overall Western Digital and Seagate drives are reliable and worry free. If you require a specific manufacturer brands please purchase the correctly branded external drive.

Overall this should not be a problem as Western Digital / Seagate drives are cheap, reliable and are overall the best drive to purchase anyway!

The Growth in NAS Hard Drive

Network attached storage has gained popularity in recent years among home users. This can be attributed to more devices in each house (tablets, phones, desktops, notebooks) as well as users wanting the centralise their storage. In addition, running less desktop computers with individual hard drives saves power. We advise against purchasing the cheapest green drives for NAS devices as some RAID features are missing from the budget drives.

NAS HDD units tend to be physically larger and users who value portability should look at traditional external storage solutions.

External HDD Enclosures

Give your old hard drives a new lease on life by putting it in an external hard drive enclosure! This is popular and casings are available for both notebook and desktop drives. For around $40 this is the cheapest way to extend the life of an older drive.

Where can I buy External Hard Drives?

You can buy external Hard drives right here at Techbuy Australia. We have a wide selection of external hard drives for all your storage needs. You can buy external hard drives for laptop use when you want your files always ready on the go, or you can purchase external hard drive for desktop use as an extra hard drive storage on a semi-permanent basis. Whatever the hard external hard drive storage size you need, you can buy the external hard drives for all your files right here at Techbuy Australia.

How much is an External Hard Drive?

The price of an external hard drive depends on the size capacity and the speed of the external drive. External hard drives that allow you to have your data and files safe, secure and on the go such as for external hard drives for laptops are much cheaper than external hard drives for desktop computers that serve as extended storage system for your PC system. Price for external hard drives range from $70 – $130 for laptop external hard drives and from $160 to as much as $3000 and even higher for high performance and monster capacity desktop external hard drives.

When do I need to replace my External Hard Drives?

When you need to replace your external hard drives depends on a lot of factors, one of them being how important is the data and files that you are storing with them. Another factor depends on the present physical status of your hard drive. Though they can handle small bumps now and then, it’s important for external hard drives to be kept safe and secure, especially when they are reading or writing data. If your external hard drive has had accidental bumps and mishaps, getting a new one to serve as backup for your very important files can give you that peace of mind that your files are safe, secure, and accessible when you need to and where you want it.

Basically you would not want to run out of space, so having an extra external hard drive to give you the luxury of space is always good.

If you need serious data storage capacity, the addition of a desktop model external hard drive is a good idea. They may be bulkier than laptop versions, but you get bigger capacity, faster access speeds and even encryption routines to keep your files safe in case your drive get lost or stolen.

Who makes a good External Hard Drive?

There are a lot of manufacturers for external hard drives available, both for laptop model external hard drives and desktop model external hard drives, and almost all of them has a flagship product that makes the top 10 list when the reviews come in. There are a number of recognizable names such as top brands like Seagate and Western Digital, as well as good external hard drive from Buffalo, Verbatim, Toshiba, Lenovo, and LaCie.

Who sells External Hard Drives?

Techbuy Australia sells external hard drives for all your storage needs. For portable and on the go data storage and backups, you can purchase laptop model external hard drives. For monster storage capacity and blazing fast access speeds, Techbuy Australia sells desktop model external hard drives aimed to serve as extra hard drives for your desktop pc system, for serve your storage and backup needs of your large files. Whatever the external hard drive type and storage size you need, you can buy the external hard drives right here at Techbuy Australia.

What type of External Hard Drives do I need?

External hard drives can simply be classified into 2 types: laptop use external hard drive models and desktop external hard drives models. Laptop models are usually small, allowing you the ease of carrying it with you on the go. Desktop external hard drives, on the other hand, are meant to remain in one place, and usually demand a separate power source to allow it to function at its peak of giving you much larger capacity and faster disk access speeds as compared to laptop models. Portability goes to laptop models of external hard drives while speed and capacity belongs to desktop model external hard drives. Whatever your storage needs, you can choose the right model for you, and TechBuy Australia has all the best external hard drives for your all your data storage data needs.

What do I need to upgrade an External Hard Drive?

External Hard drives, be it laptop models or desktop models are self-contained units, built to last as long as possible. To upgrade an external hard drive is more like adding a new external hard drive for your growing storage needs, or to make backups and ensure data integrity at all times, especially when your files are very much important to you.

There are some safety external upgrades you can purchase, like extra safety case for a laptop external hard. Western Digital sells external hard drive accessories like the Nomad designed to keep your external hard drive safe from dust and moisture, and can even protect your external hard drive in the case it falls or gets bump around.

There are flexible external hard drives like Seagate’s Go Flex that offers flexible cable system from USB 3 to firewire, so u can have the storage space you need and the flexibility to transfer the files in multiple transfer systems.

Where is the best place to purchase External Hard Drives?

The best place to purchase External Hard Drives is right here at Techbuy Australia. We offer you a wide selection of external hard drives for all your file storage and backup needs. Whether you are purchasing an external hard drive for laptop use or you need serious file storage with external hard drives for desktop computers, we have the external hard drives you need to keep you from running out of space and keep your files in place. Order is easy, and we have multiple payment and delivery options for you to choose from. Get the right storage solution for all your your data storage needs, keep your files safe, backed up, and always accessible with the best external hard drives that you can buy right here from Techbuy Australia.

Where can I buy a Hard Drive in Australia?

You can buy HDD for all your storage needs from Techbuy Australia .You may also buy HDD at most computer or tech gadget shops. We offer you a wide choice of HDD for your data storage need We have HDD for everyday computer use, HDD for gamers, portable HDD for that allow you to have your files on the go and HDD for video, audio and graphic professionals whose work demands large HDD space as well as fast and secure data access speeds. We sell internal HDD or external hard drives of different storage sizes and speeds, and you can buy them here at Techbuy Australia.

How much is a HDD?

HDD cost and price depends on what you need and the type of HDD you are buying. There are a number of HDD types to choose from, and the names might confuse you like IDE, SATA, SCSI and SSD. Of the four, SSD or Solid State Drive is the rave right now, and they have the price tag to match their speed and reliability.

If you are just an ordinary computer user, the HDD that came with your PC is good and would serve you well. You can buy good HDD for less than $100. But if you work with big files, like audio, video or graphics, or if you love playing the latest games, then buying a HDD for graphics and gaming needs that offers bigger space and faster access time is the best option for you.

Of course, in time even small files will accumulate, so it’s good to have a spare HDD if you can afford it. Backing up files is a must when working with electronic data.

Aside from internal drives, you can also buy external drives for your PC system. They usually come in two types: laptop external drives that are small and portable, and the bigger but faster external desktop drives that are usually used as an extended hard drive system, usually on a semi- permanent basis since it requires its own power system to make it perform at its best.

When planning to buy a HDD, make sure you are getting one that is compatible with your PC system. When in doubt, ask a qualified computer personnel to help you with the best HDD choice possible.

When do I need to replace my Hard Disk drive ?

You need to replace your hard disk after three years even if it’s running well. BACKBLAZE, a backup company released the results of their study based on the performance of their hard disk drives. They project that hard disks can last as long as 6 years, and perhaps even longer, but with each year after the third the chances of your hard drive giving up increases. If your data is important, always remember to back up whenever you could. You can check the result from BACKBLAZE by googling them.

Who makes a good harddrive ?

The top brands in the industry for HDD are currently Seagate and Western Digital, and they offer HDD in various formats such as for internal or external use, and available in many storage sizes and data access speeds to suit your needs. There are many new manufacturers for HDD, but when it comes to data integrity, it may cost more but it pays off to get HDD from trusted manufacturers, giving you that priceless peace of mind that your data and files are safe and secure.

Who sells hard drives ?

Techbuy Australia sells HDD for all your storage needs. We sell HDD of various storage sizes and data access speeds from the top and trusted brands in the data storage industry like Seagate and Western Digital. We sell HDD of different type, from IDE, SATA, SCSI and the latest Solid State Drives (SSD). We even sell flash SDD for your portable drive needs. Techbuy Australia also sells HDD in internal and external versions, so you can be assured that for all your data storage needs, we have the HDD you need, and you can buy them right here at Techbuy Australia.

What type of hard drive do I need?

The type of HDD you need depends on how much data and how you use the data in your computer. Ordinary computer activities and light gaming is fine with the HDD your PC is bundled with. If you love the latest games, HDD for gamers give you bigger space and faster data access speeds. When you need your HDD contents on the go, you can buy external HDD that allows you to bring files from your house PC wherever you may go, as well as serve as backups for your files. When working with large files such as in graphic design, movie editing, or mixing audio files, you would need a HDD that offers bigger space and faster data retrieval, and you can have your choice of getting an internal drive or a desktop external drive.

What do I need to upgrade a HDD?

What you need to upgrade your HDD is actually a new HDD, so it’s more of a replacement rather than an upgrade. And when you upgrade your HDD, especially when you want bigger space and faster HDD speed, check first and make sure your current PC setup is compatible with your new HDD upgrade. Ask the technical personnel to see if there are any compatibility issues ahead to save you time and money

Where is the best place to purchase a hard drive?

The best place to purchase HDD is at TechBuy Australia. We carry a wide range of HDD from top brands such as Seagate and Western Digital. You can buy internal HDD and external HDD for all your data needs. We have HDD for ordinary PC users and the best range of HDD for Gamers, HDD for graphic, video, or audio data needs. You can buy HDD compatible with any PC setup with IDE, SATA, SCSI and SSD for all your data storage needs and solutions. We offer easy and flexible payment and shipment options for all your HDD needs. Get all your important data and files safe and always within access with HDD made available for you by Techbuy Australia.

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