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There are many reasons to consider an external RAID solution for your data storage needs. Here are five compelling reasons to do so:
1. Increased data protection: External RAID solutions offer increased data protection compared to traditional storage solutions like hard drives. This is because RAID solutions use multiple hard drives to store data, so if one drive fails, the others can still access the data.

2. Increased performance: External RAID solutions can also offer increased performance, as data can be read from and written to multiple drives simultaneously. This can be a major advantage if you need to access large files quickly.

3. Scalability: External RAID solutions are very scalable, as you can simply add more drives to the system as your storage needs grow. This is a much more flexible solution than buying a larger hard drive every time you need more storage space.

4. Reduced costs: External RAID solutions can save you money in the long run, as they are often more cost-effective than buying multiple hard drives.

5. Easy to use: External RAID solutions are very easy to use, as they typically come with their own software that manages the drives for you. This means you don’t need to be a tech expert to set up and use.

LaCie STHJ16000800
LaCie STHJ28000800
LaCie STHJ4000800
LaCie STHJ8000800
Norco DS-12 (Chassis Only)
LaCie STHJ36000800
LaCie STHJ40000800
Netstor NA341A-R
Netstor NA341A
Stardom SR2-BA31
Stardom SR3MS-B31
Stardom SR3MSB-B31
Stardom SR4-BA31+
Stardom SR4-BA31+B
Stardom SR4-B31+
Stardom ST4-B31
Areca DR8TB3-32NE25
Areca ARC8050T3-12-48TB05
Areca DR8TB3-48NE21
Areca DR8TB3-64NE21
Areca DR8TB3-80NE04
Areca DR8TB3-96NE07
Lenovo 7Y75A002WW
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