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Where can I buy Operating Systems?

The best place to buy an Operating System is right here at Techbuy Australia. We offer a wide selection of OS for your PC from Microsoft, one of the most widely used operating system and supported by many software developers. Whether you are looking for an operating system for your home PC, Office PC, or OS for Servers, we have the Microsoft Operating System to keep your PC running.

How much is an Operating System?

The price of an Operating System varies between OS versions, and a specific operating system version may have options within it to meet your demands and your needs. For most PC users, there are versions that are catered to ordinary users and Professional users, the key difference between them are the extra features available, and of course, the price tag to go along with it.

There are also variations in operating systems like OEM versions and Retail versions. OEM versions are used with a specific PC setup, and designed to run on a specific motherboard platform like when big name PC makers come out with a new product with an OEM OS specifically designed for it. It has limitations, but it’s cheaper than Retail Versions.

Retail versions are the standard OS version that is made available for end user, and since they can be installed without the limits imposed on OEM versions, they are more expensive.

When do I need to replace my Operating Systems?

What you would need to replace your existing operating system is none other than a newer and faster version of your old operating system. But before replacing your OS, make sure that your present PC hardware setup can support it. Newer operating systems have minimum hardware settings that it require to perform at its best like faster CPU speed and more RAM Memory requirements, since new OS are designed to run with the latest hardware for PC. Making sure of the compatibility between new operating system and hardware setting is a must, and it can save you hours of frustration and money too.

Who makes a good Operating System?

Microsoft is the most famous among the OS makers, and its versions of Windows operating system can be found in most PCs all over the world. They have OS for basic PC to professional users, OEM versions for PC makers and Retail versions for end consumers. They also have a whole line of server operating systems to handle your business needs.

Who sells Operating Systems?

Techbuy Australia sells operating systems of all kinds from Microsoft. We have the latest Windows OS available be it for OEM or Retail purposes, operating system for basic and professional users. Techbuy Australia also sells a wide selection of Microsoft Server operating systems to fit your business needs.

What type of Operating Systems do I need?

The type of operating system that you would need would depend on what your needs are and expectations from your PC. If you are an ordinary home PC user, then entry OS versions are good for you. For more added features that you would like to have, there are Professional versions, and some even have Ultimate versions that offers the whole range of features to cover every serious user’s needs. These versions also vary in price, and it’s good to know which one is right for you.

If you work in your office and need an operating system that can handle the processing demands of your business, then Server operating systems are the best for you, offering you tools and features designed to handle the demands of business. There are also discount packages for single license multiple install versions of Windows, and this is best if you have many PCs in your office.

Be it for home, office, or business needs, Techbuy Australia has the latest Microsoft Windows operating system version to suit your needs and your budget.

What do I need to upgrade an Operating System?

What you need to upgrade your operating system can be done manually or automatically. Operating Systems like Windows release periodic updates that upgrade your existing OS. These updates come in the form of fixes for exploits and bugs that may leave your PC vulnerable to viruses and other users in the net.

Where is the best place to purchase an Operating System?

The best place to purchase operating system for your PC is right here at Techbuy Australia. You can buy from the wide selection of operating from Microsoft, makers of the Windows series of operating system. You can buy operating system for your home pc, operating system for your office workstation and operating system for your business with Server OS. You can take your pick from 32 bit and 64 bit OS architecture to suit your needs, and they are also available in versions for beginners, casual, and serious professional users. Ordering for your next operating system is fast and easy, and we offer secure and flexible payment and delivery options for your next operating system purchase.

Enjoy the best operating system software for productivity or for personal fun with the best operating systems available from Microsoft for your PC, all made available for you by Techbuy Australia.

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