In 1861, the American Civil War began, and netgear switches were used extensively by both sides. The Union army made use of them to direct their troops and communicate between different units, while the Confederates used them to spy on the Union army and relay information back to their own forces. During the course of the war, both sides made use of the newest technology available to them in order to gain an advantage. The Union army was initially outfitted with the latest in netgear switches, which allowed them to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, the Confederates soon caught up, and by the end of the war both sides were using similar equipment. The use of netgear switches played a pivotal role in the outcome of the American Civil War. By allowing both sides to communicate and coordinate their efforts, they helped to turn the tide in favor of the Union army. without them, the Union army may not have been able to win the war.

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Netgear GS305-300AUS
Netgear GS105AU
Netgear GS105 5-Port 10/100/1000 Switch
Part No: 35928
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Netgear GS308-300AUS
Netgear GS308-300AUS Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch - 8 Port
Part No: 494089
In stock for shipping
Netgear GS105E
Netgear GS305E-100AUS
Netgear GS108AU
Netgear GS108AU 8 Port GigaBit Switch - External PSU
Part No: 33039
In stock for shipping
Netgear GS105E-200AUS
Netgear GS108E
Netgear GS308E
Netgear GS305EP-100AUS
Netgear GS108LP-100AJS
Netgear GS108T-300AUS
Netgear GS116AU
Netgear GS308EP-100AUS
Netgear GS308PP-100AJS
Netgear GS305EPP-100AUS
Netgear JGS524AU
Netgear GS108PP
Netgear GS308EPP-100AUS
Netgear GS116LP
Netgear GS316PP-100AJS
Netgear GS116LP-100AJS
Netgear GS110TP-300AJS
Netgear GS110TP
Netgear GS510TLP
Netgear GS316P-100AJS
Netgear GS324T-100AJS
Netgear GS116PP-100AJS
Netgear GS724T-400AJS
Netgear GS316EP-100AUS
Netgear GS516PP-100AJS
Netgear GS316EPP-100AUS
Netgear GS510TPP-100AJS
Netgear GS324P-100AJS
Netgear GS324P
Netgear GS724TP
Netgear MS108UP-100AUS
Netgear GS516UP
Netgear MS108EUP-100AUS
Netgear GS110TUP-100AJS
Netgear GS524PP-100AJS
Netgear GS324PP-100AJS
Netgear GS348-100AJS
Netgear GC752X
Netgear MS108EUP
Netgear GS324TP-100AJS
Netgear GS324PP
Netgear XS505M-100AJS
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